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The eleven-day journey made for those who love to experience Sri Lanka in all its ancient glory, the wilderness and the amazing beaches, is the perfect getaway for rest and relaxation.

On this journey, you will be taken to visit many ancient kingdoms of Sri Lanka within its cultural triangle, including Kandy, Dambulla, Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa.

To add to the ancient kingdom’s charm, Minneriya and Wilpattu National Parks awaits you with their rich life to be explored, along with the golden beaches of the North-eastern coast of Sri Lanka. 

Highlights of the Journey

  • Visit the cultural capital of Sri Lanka, Kandy and observe the palace of the last Sri Lankan king as well as the Royal Botanical Garden
  • See elephants bathing in the river at the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage
  • Visit Dambulla Rock Temple
  • Explore the ruins of the ancient medieval capital of Sri Lanka, Polonnaruwa
  • Take a safari through the Minneriya National Park
  • Climb the ancient rock fortress of Sigiriya, the 8th Wonder of the World
  • Relax on the Nilaveli beach and visit the Pigeon Island National Park
  • Discover the ruins of the first capital of Sri Lanka, Anuradhapura
  • Take a safari through Wilpattu National Park, the largest national park in Sri Lanka
  • Enjoy the bustling west coastal town of Negombo

Tour Itinerary Details

Sri-Lanka-Tours-Travels-Tour-Packages-Holiday-in-Sri-Lanka-visit-www.srilankatourstravels.comOn the day of your arrival, after picking you up at the airport, you will be taken to a hotel in the middle of the Colombo city, to untie all the knots from travelling and to ease yourself into the new tropical climate that is awaiting you. In the evening hours we can arrange some leisurely activities, or you can just go site seeing in the city before the start of your journey.

Pinnawala-Sri-Lanka-Tours-Travels-Tour-Packages-Holiday-in-Sri-Lanka-p5-visit-www.srilankatourstravels.comEarly on the second day of the tour, we take you to the cultural capital of the island, Kandy, where you will be accommodated in a dainty location for the night. On the way, you can see the world-famous elephant orphanage at Pinnawala. Kandy is a cozy little city, home to the palace of the last Sri Lankan king, now the resting place of the sacred tooth relic of Lord Buddha. Visits to the ancient palace and to the Royal Botanical Garden and/or the cultural show will surely take your breath away with the richness of the Sri Lankan heritage.

Sri-Lanka-Tours-Travels-Tour-Packages-Holiday-in-Sri-Lanka-p4-visit-www.srilankatourstravels.comFor the third, fourth and fifth nights of the journey, we take you to Habarana, a town within the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka, and very close to the ancient kingdoms of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa. On the way here, you can visit the Dambulla Rock Temple, where the largest number of Lord Buddha statutes lie in a cave where the rock ceiling is beautifully painted with paintings dating back nearly 2000 years.

Sri-Lanka-Tours-Travels-111-Tour-Packages-Holiday-in-Sri-Lanka-2020-visit-www.srilankatourstravels.comOn the dawn of the fourth day, journey to the ancient kingdom of Polonnaruwa begins. Rising to fame after the decline of Anuradhapura, the medieval capital of Polonnaruwa depicts the influence of the South Indian Hindu Culture on Sri Lanka during the 11th and 12th centuries. The many building structures and reservoirs show the extreme technical knowledge of the ancient Sinhalese as well as their devotion to religion, culture and heritage. In the evening, a safari through Minneriya National Park awaits you where it is famous for spotting wild elephants in their natural habitat.

Sri-Lanka-Tours-Travels-Anuradhapura-Polonnaruwa-Tour-Packages-Holiday-in-Sri-Lanka-visit-www.srilankatourstravels.comClimb the 8th Wonder of the World, namely the Sigiriya Rock Fortress on the dawn of the fifth day of your Sri Lankan tour. The fortress was built by the ancient king Kashyapa in the 5th century A.D., and still considers to a magnificent architectural feat of the ancient Sri Lankans, which its complex building structure, water gardens that still function as well as the earliest surviving Sri Lankan pictorial art. In the evening, you can go on a Sigiriya village tour, where the rustic beauty still remains.

Sri-Lanka-Tours-Travels-sri-lanka-best-Beaches-114-Tour-Packages-Holiday-in-Sri-Lanka-visit-www.srilankatourstravels.comThe next three nights of your journey will be spent with the sun, sand and waves in the North-eastern Sri Lankan coastal town of Nilaveli. Very close to Trincomalee, the world-famous natural habour, some describe Nilaveli as the finest beach on the East coast. This beautiful stretch of soft white sands extends from Uppuveli to Nilaveli for 15 endless kilometers. With crystal clear waters and the lapping waves, Nilaveli is famous among sun worshippers for leisure and relaxation.

Sri-Lanka-diving-sri-lanka-surfing-beaches-Sri-Lanka-Tours-Travels-Tour-Packages-Holiday-in-Sri-Lanka-visit-www.srilankatourstravels.comThe famous Pigeon Island is only a 2-kilometer boat ride away from the Nilaveli beach, and the seventh day is the day to visit this small island adorned with birds, which is great for diving, snorkeling and sea bathing. Recently opened marine park is a great place to see rare corals and exquisite marine life as well as endemic and migrant bird species, extending over 450 hectares.

Sri-Lanka-Tours-Travels-sri-lanka-best-Beaches-1-Tour-Packages-Holiday-in-Sri-Lanka2021-2022-visit-www.srilankatourstravels.comThe final day you spend on the golden beaches of Nilaveli is entirely reserved for sun, fun and relaxation. You can visit the hot water spring well at Nilaveli to take a bath in the natural hot water which springs up from the earth, which is said have healing properties because it is rich with minerals. During the rest of the day, you can spread out on the golden sand and get tanned while reading a book or gazing at the ever-lapping Indian ocean, ending the day with a mojito in your hand and watching the evening sun turn the water into liquid gold.

On the ninth day, you will be taken back into the cultural triangle of the island and be located in a hotel in the close vicinity of the ancient kingdom, Anuradhapura. Anuradhapura was the first capital of Sri Lanka, dating back to 5th century B.C., and the epitome of civilization in Sri Lanka, with the kingdom dotted with many reservoirs and having the highest concentration of Buddhist Stupa (Dagoba).

Sri-Lanka-Tours-Travels-minneriya-kaudulla-yala-Tour-Packages-Holiday-in-Sri-Lanka-5-visit-www.srilankatourstravels.comOne day before the closing of your journey through Sri Lanka, you will be comfortably transported back to the west coastal city of Negombo. However, before the journey to Negombo begins, you will be going on a safari through Wilpattu National Park, the largest national park in Sri Lanka, which holds the highest concentration of leopards and sloth bears. Other mammals like dear and sambhur are common in the park, as well as thousands of water birds dwelling in the many inland lakes within the park.

Since you spend the final night of your journey in Negombo, you will be conveniently close to the Katunayake airport, to where you will be comfortably transported back through scenic routes where you will be able to savour the memories of Sri Lanka forever.

Map Of Sri Lanka Itinerary 10 Days To 14 Days | Fully Customizable

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