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When travelling towards south from the western cosmopolitan area of Sri Lanka, the Jungle beach is a famous, somewhat secluded beach experience to be indulged in.
As the name itself suggests, the Jungle beach is a small, tranquil bay of gently lapping waves, surrounded by a lush forest which is also one of the uniquenesses special to Sri Lanka.
The jungle is located alluringly close to the beach, giving the bay and its white sands a mysterious and a relaxing vibe, which is perfect when bathing in the sun while also enjoying the mesmerizing sounds of the jungle with its bird songs, insect murmurs and the sea breeze rushing through the many surrounding trees.
The Jungle beach is a gem of an experience because it contains all of Sri Lanka’s natural charm in one place with the sea and the jungle together, while also not been ventured by many people because of its secluded location.
Relaxing on the beach on a rented- out sunbed while gazing at the shimmering horizon, lulled by the tropical breeze that rustle the huge trees is one of the must-have experiences to unwind, detangle and soak up the richness of the sea and the jungle put together.
Among the many activities to do when spending the day around the Jungle beach, is visiting the Rumassala rainforest sanctuary, which should be on the bucket list of any wildlife enthusiast.
The sanctuary is home to a remarkable biodiversity, which includes many bird, mammal and insect species as well as plants and vegetation, some of them endemic to Sri Lanka, as well as most of them having many medicinal properties.


The sanctuary was also used as a stronghold by the Dutch and British, during the colonization of Sri Lanka, from which the ruins of the fortress care still to be seen.
For those who enjoy water activities to hiking, the Jungle beach bay is a perfect spot for laid-back boat rides.
Hiring a glass- bottomed boat can be the most rewarding experience as it allows to experience the exotic marine life of the reefs while being laid back and comfortable.
Snorkeling and scuba diving are also easily possible and available in the Jungle beach, as it has safe, tranquil waters that offer a first-hand experience to the bustling marine life.
The reefs which peek out of the water just a few meters offshore make snorkeling and diving a wonderful, rich experience due to the large gathering of marine life that inhabit the coral reefs.
A few other places to visit for the hiking enthusiasts around the Jungle beach include Turtle Hatchery, Galle Fort and the Dutch Reformed Church.


December to March to enjoy the dry, hot climate and April to November for alternate sunny and rainy days.
Distance from Colombo – 122 km.
How to get Jungle Beach Galle – Around 3 hours in a private vehicle from Colombo
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