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The Water Sports Capital of the Island

The famous up-and-coming Bentota beach is located in Bentota, a coastal town in the southwestern coastline of Sri Lanka, only 64 kilometers away from the commercial capital of Colombo.

Due to being the closest destination beach to Colombo and the ease of access, Bentota beach is popular among tourists from all over the world, who come seeking the sun and sea in the beautiful paradise island of Sri Lanka.

Along the coast of the Bentota area, Beruwala beach is located just a little bit closer to Colombo than the famous Bentota beach Sri Lanka.

Although Bentota is known around the world for its golden beach and the calmly-lapping waves, the area is packed with many other attractions like the Bentara river, Bentota lagoon and many more.

The reason why Bentota beach Sri Lanka is making its way towards the top of the best destination beaches in the world is partly because of the many luxury and distinguished resorts being established around the beach area.

Adding to the sunny, warm charm of the golden sands, the many resorts with their private beaches offer one of the most comfortable and luxurious beach experiences on the island to the lovers of the sea.

The area of Bentota Beach Sri Lanka is known as the water sports capital of the island, and not only because of the Bentota beach.

Bentara river and the Bentota lagoon are highly sought after for boat rides, canoeing and jet-skiing. The lagoon is a part of the Bentara river and there are many resorts, boutique hotels and homestays clustered around these freshwater bodies as well.

From October to April, is said to be the best time to visit the Bentota beach as the sea waves are much calmer than on the other times of the year, which makes the sea safe for swimming, snorkeling, diving and many other water sports such as wind surfing and water skiing as well.

The Canoe Rock is a famous diving spot among the local and foreign divers alike, where you can take a boat up to the spot and dive from the boat itself, or choose to swim until you reach the point from the shore.

Diving at Bentota beach Sri Lanka

is an enchanting experience where you will be able to see the colourful corals and the bustling marine life of the Indian ocean.

Just a few kilometers away from the Bentota beach, you can find the Induruwa beach, a likely location to spot a sea turtle or two, soaring peacefully above the corals in the sea.

The area of Bentota is famous for spotting sea turtles at night since the palm-tree-lined coastline is a likely nesting site for sea turtles.

Along with the establishment of many luxury hotels, the area of Bentota is also famous for Ayurvedic spas. The many other places you can visit in the area apart from the Bentota beach are the Kande Vihara Buddhist temple and Bevis Bawa’s Garden.

How to get there – Around 1 hour and 30 minutes in a private vehicle from Colombo

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