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The Paradise Island of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, once known as Ceylon, is the proud inheritor of a history that expands over 3000 years. With its ancient kingdoms, tropical jungles, sunny beaches and exquisite landscape makes this small island a traveler’s paradise in every way imaginable.  Sri Lanka is the only country where you can observe whales and hike on a misty mountain trail, all in one day.
The unique geography of this island was able to amaze and mesmerize visitors from all over the world from the ancient times, resulting in many books, biographies and other articles written about this beautiful island by many famous western explorers.
The unfathomable beauty of Sri Lanka is well-known throughout the world making it the best island in the world to visit. Ruins of exquisite ancient kingdoms, unique flora and fauna of tropical jungles and sun glazing on the beautiful beaches weather are only a step away from you to explore, enjoy and revel in.
In a post-pandemic world, finding time to travel and explore can be the best way to leave the past behind to and to dive deeper into your passions.
Life has never felt more precious and we are ready to add colour and treasure it with Unique Sri Lanka Travels and Tours, by practicing the utmost safety methods and establishing unique and tailor-made packages just so that you are at your ease of mind when exploring this beautiful gem of a country.
There is no better way to enjoy and value life than travelling. Sri Lanka is waiting to welcome you warmly to experience and explore her proud history, unique culture, unforgettable traditions, mouthwatering tropical cuisines and the beautiful landscape.
From whale watching in the beautiful blue sea, to plucking Tea leaves on a misty hill,  Sri Lanka is a country packed with a wide range of activities for you to come and revel in. Explore your passions and enjoy life to the fullest in this beautiful little island, while us at Unique Sri Lanka Travels and Tours cater you to experience the country in every way possible.

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Sri Lanka Tours Travels Tour Packages Nuwara eliya Holiday in Sri Lanka IC7 visit UNIQUE SRI LANKA TOURS & TRAVELS
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  • Diversity of the itineraries we offer
  • Customizable travel itineraries
  • Tailor-made packages with the help of our consultants
  • Our environment and animal friendly activities
  • Our carefully crafted safety protocols on Sri Lanka tour

Best Authentic Local Tour Experiences

You should not miss when vacationing in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a country with unique traditions, cultural values and local lifestyles where you will not find anywhere else in the world. With tropical cuisines which hail from the ancient times as well as world-famous crafts such as pottery and drum making, the Sri Lankan essence is sought after by many tourists, which we are ready to provide to you with many enchanting holiday experiences.

Explore and Discover Sri Lanka

Activities and Adventure to be experienced

As an Island surrounded by an ocean that is rich in life, having freshwater bodies and all kinds of forests that are famous for the tropics such as rain forests, shrub forests and cloud forests, Holiday in Sri Lanka is a destination for so many adventure and activities. While having so many different geography elements such as mountains, plains and canyons, Sri Lanka is a hiker’s paradise where Unique Sri Lanka Tour and Travels offers so many experiences to choose from and to indulge oneself in the richness of the island on your Sri Lanka Tour.

White Water Rafting Kitulgala

Sri Lanka’s freshwater rivers are so rich in water and life, they make white water rafting a scenic must-have experience and well-trained team to make sure your safety.


Scenic Train Ride in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is famous for its picturesque train journeys where they will take you through the misty mountains and lush forests. The Most Scenic Train Ride in the World


Explore Wildlife in Sri Lanka

Observing the wildlife and vegetation by travelling in a jeep through Sri Lanka’s dry zone forests is a must-have vacation experience


Best Surfing Spots Sri Lanka 

Sri Lanka has famous two locations those who love to surf, especially Arugam Bay, where the waves are waiting to be glided through


Bird Watching Experience 

Having many endemic and migratory bird species, locations such as Kumana and Bundala are an avian fanatic’s paradise. Birds including the endemic Sri Lanka

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Getting around

Our flexible transportation options

Unique Sri Lanka Tours and Travels have guided chauffeur-driven vehicles at your disposal to make sure that you are traveling safely and comfortably. However, for the travelers to are willing to experience the country in its natural environment, there are many modes of public transport options. Sri Lanka is also proud to present one of the most scenic train routes in the world, when you are choosing travel to the hill country from the capital city.
Internal air transportation options and many sea transportation options are also springing up in the country and you will also be able to experience them as well when you are choosing to travel with us. Whether you want to travel luxuriously in a chauffeur-driven vehicle or if you want to catch a public transport bus on a beautiful rural route, we can ensure that you are traveling in the safest way possible with Unique Sri Lanka Tours and Travels with you in every step of your journey.

Our Car Hiring Flexibility for Your Tour

Unique Sri Lanka Tours and Travels offers chauffeur-driven vehicles for your convenience with the highest level of security and privacy on your Sri Lanka Tour. This is a service provided by us outside our tailor-made itineraries so that we can support you by providing transportation for your own self-planned journey through Sri Lanka Tour.

Our Comfortable Fleet of Vehicles

Whether it is just you, your family or a group of travel buddies, our vehicles will cater to your journey in the safest, most comfortable ways possible. We have cars, vans and SUVs at your disposal, for you to travel in the country in the choice of your comfortability, safety and class on your Sri Lanka tour.

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